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Bow hunting is the ancient practice of hunting by the use of bows and arrows.

Whereas it was once considered as a primary means of hunting, bow hunting today is reserved for hobbyists and hunters who still enjoy hunting as a sport more than as a way of life.

There are quite a lot of people who are attracted to this ancient method of hunting.

Although there might be many who see bow hunting as just a cruel way to hunt down and kill animals, there are certain reasons why it might be necessary. Many hunters believe that bow hunting may be a more humane way of trying to control animal population to a healthier level.

This would help maintain their habitat by helping control over population. Not only that, bow hunting may be considered as a means to keep the people closer and better understand the natural world.

Bow hunting, even though it may be considered as an ancient art of hunting, have benefited from new technology. Modern bow hunters do not just use the usual bow and arrow most people are usually familiar with.

There are newer versions of hunting bows that many hunters now use that are far different and more advanced than ordinary bows and arrows. Such modern bows enjoy giving users better accuracy and range when they use it for hunting.

As compared to rifle hunting, bow hunting may have its limitations. The use of rifles can extend the shooting range of hunters for prey up to 200 yards or around 180 miles away.

Beyond the Bow – Bow Hunting Basics

Hunters using bow and arrow can only limit their accuracy and effectiveness within 20 to 30 yards away. Most bow hunters usually look for a different kind of excitement using compound bows for hunter.

In effect, bow hunting may require a higher level of skill than rifle hunting which hunters need to develop over time in order to be effective.

Just like rifle or firearm hunting, bow hunting is subject to certain legal and well as cultural considerations. Hunting follows certain regulations that may concern both hunting seasons and other related restrictions.

Different states, provinces or even countries will have different regulations regarding bow hunting. It is always best to know what those regulations are before one tries to engage in bow hunting in a certain area or territory that they might be new in.

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