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How to Shoot a Bow

how to shoot a bow

Shoot a bow and arrow has become a very popular sport with events happening all over the globe and big prizes at stake. You may choose to shoot a bow for fun or as a hobby. However, you will need to learn the right technique and master the skills to become fully efficient. There are […]

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Bow Hunting Tools

bow hunting

1. Bow – There are three basic types of bows: the long bow which is the most traditional, the recurve, and the compound bow. The longbow and the recurve bow are very similar in design and function and have the fewest moving parts. The word “recurve” means to curve backward or downward, the recurve bow […]

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Bow Hunting Basics

archery tips

Bow hunting is the ancient practice of hunting by the use of bows and arrows. Whereas it was once considered as a primary means of hunting, bow hunting today is reserved for hobbyists and hunters who still enjoy hunting as a sport more than as a way of life. There are quite a lot of […]

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