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What Are the Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players?

best ladies golf clubs for intermediate players

Maybe you want to improve your handicap that you wanted to know what are the best golf clubs for your sport. It is pretty much understandable since you just wish to have the best shot and score during your tournament. As for the beginners in this sport, you are also considering the golf clubs to […]

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What Are Golf Balls Made Of?

what are golf balls made of

What Are Golf Balls Made Of? – Its Piece of Variety You may read up little facts about golf balls if you are planning to purchase a new set for your golf sport. Have you exactly question yourself what are golf balls made of? If not, then this is the focus of this article and […]

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Who Invented Golf – A Look at Our Golf History

golf history

You may wonder who invented golf most especially if you have been so used to playing the game that you come to a point of knowing where it first started. Well, it is pretty normal as others out there also wanted to know about it. The truth is this question has been argued for quite […]

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What Golf Clubs Should I Buy?

what golf clubs should i buy first

Most of the club golfers nowadays are not really sure what kind of golf club they should purchase. And we cannot deny the fact that the power of advertising and media really plays a major rule when it comes to selecting what type of golf clubs we should use. If you are just starting for […]

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How Many Clubs in a Golf Bag?

golf equipment

Even if you are a beginner in this golf sport, you need to familiarize yourself with the tools or equipments used. Along with that, you have to also know the rules for your improvement in the game. But sure enough you need to know how many clubs in a golf bag because it is important […]

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