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stop smoking for goodIf you decide to quit smoking for good, then you may find it hard to do so.

However, you have to remember that it is not impossible for you to stop this habit.

In fact, there are now quite a lot of people who have been through this process and won the battle against smoking.

In order for you to quit smoking for good, you have to keep in mind that you will need a lot of support and you also have to have a lot of confidence. In addition to that, you have to be really determined.

Stopping smoking is not something that you can do overnight. It is a process that can be very hard on your body, mind, and emotions.

Although quitting smoking can be hard, there are several methods that you can do which will eventually make it easier for you to forget about smoking. Well it can make you forget about it temporarily but it can help you on a daily basis.

The first method that can help you forget about smoking is by chewing gum. It is recommended that you buy sugar free gums and not nicotine gums. Nicotine gums can make your addiction a lot worse and what it does is it will just continue your cravings for cigarettes.

The main goal here is to get rid of the taste of tobacco out of your mouth to the point that you will no longer have cravings for it. Nicotine gum is just like having a cigarette in your mouth.


How to Quit Smoking for Good



Keep a packet of sugar free gums in your pocket everyday. Whenever you feel like smoking, chew one or two strips of gum. This will help eliminate the cravings and it will also give you fresher breath.

Another great method which can help you quit smoking and eliminate cravings is by drinking plenty of water and natural fruit juices. It is important to stay away from drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee, tea, and soda.

You have to remember that caffeine can trigger your cravings for smoking. Think about it. As a smoker, whenever you smell coffee, you immediately think about smoking.

quit smoking for goodDrinking milk can also eliminate cravings as milk can make tobacco taste bad.

These are the two methods on how you can quit smoking for good.

Always remember that these methods can temporarily eliminate the craving for smoking.

In order to permanently get rid of the habit, you need to have determination and you need to work hard for it.

It takes discipline and you also need to fight the temptation of smoking that “one last cigarette”.


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