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Shoot a bow and arrow has become a very popular sport with events happening all over the globe and big prizes at stake. You may choose to shoot a bow for fun or as a hobby.

However, you will need to learn the right technique and master the skills to become fully efficient. There are several types of bow but the concept is radically similar. Determine the different features that come with the action and watch your accuracy improve.

Initial Steps

There is a set of rules that you should follow to become good at shoot a bow. Archery can be entertaining, at the same time dangerous if you do not master the guidelines.

Gather all the equipment you need first such as the bow, arrows, shooting aids and gear.

It will be better if you practice shooting a non-moving target, instead of going for game immediately. You can find different kinds of bows at hobby shops such as the compound bow, longbow and crossbow. Prepare the right type of arrows as well.


how to shoot a bowOne of the best things you can do is watch how other individuals do it. Watch videos online or television. You can visit shooting ranges and watch expert archers stay consistent in their shooting. Accuracy, patience and focus are the key elements in becoming very good.

Visualization Matters

Visualize a line from where you are standing to the target. This will be your shooting line. Mark the shooting line by getting an arrow and laying it on the ground. Stand with your toes to the shaft of the arrow on the shooting line, about shoulder width apart.

Step the front foot back by 5 to 10 inches. This will be your shooting stance. You can feel free to adjust your feet to the most comfortable position.

Shooting Proper

Nock the arrow in the center of the bowstring then allow the shaft of the arrow rest on the bow. The position will be slightly over the hand grip.

The odd fletching should point at a right angle to the string, while the other two angle toward the string. There are only two known ways to nock the arrow. If the single fletching directs in toward the bow, you have to reverse the position.

Hold the bowstring using your first three fingers. The string should lie in the crease of the last joint. The nock of the arrow should be placed between the index and middle fingers. Use the thumb to hold the arrow firmly in place.

Hold the bow in the V or stretched position using your thumb and index finger. The arm should be locked straight, and the elbow rolled a little outward.


The 8 Steps of Shoot a Bow

Zooming in on the Target

shoot a bowLift your head and face the target.

Raise the bow arm and keep it locked in position.

Draw the string back until your thumb is touching your jawbone.

The index finger should be very close to the corner of your mouth. Use the back and shoulder muscles when pulling the string.

Focus and aim for the target. Take a deep breath and hold it until you let go of the arrow.

Simply relax the string fingers from the wrist and let the string slide smoothly from the fingers.

You will find it easier to use a glove or finger tab. Instead of preparing when to release the arrow, just casually loosen your finger grip.

You improve your accuracy significantly by relaxing. Hold the shooting position until the arrow hits the target.

More Tips

Always maintain a positive attitude when shoot a bow. Remain calm throughout the practice and learn how to be patient.

You will improve your accuracy by focusing instead of just shooting as many arrows as possible. Practice often. You should at least shoot once every week. 2 to 3 times weekly are ideal.

Know the different accessories and equipment and invest in the right gadgets when necessary. Watch other individuals’ techniques then just adjust the gear when you feel it is needed.

Ensure the safety of other individuals while shooting. Shoot a bow only in safe archery ranges. No one should be near or behind the target when you are shooting. There are training coaches that can help you hone your skills over time.

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