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start with Fiverr

Start With Fiverr

It is true that getting into the site of Fiverr will make you think on how you can earn that $5 as much as other people are doing now.

Well, deciding what to offer will serve as the most crucial part in joining Fiverr.

True enough, it will be hard to compete with many sellers especially when you can’t give more of what they are already giving.

Being a newbie in Fiverr, you have to be sure that you have with you the most important weapon you’ll ever need. That would be your gig.


What is a Gig on Fiverr?

Gig is the product or service that you are offering in Fiverr for $5. It could be anything that you wish to sell; it could be any of your expertise.

One of the biggest concerns that you will ever get would be making sure that your gig will get the attention it deserve. It doesn’t matter on how good you are at what you are offering, if no one will ever see your gig then it’s useless.

How To Start With Fiverr

To start with Fiverr, you have to drive people to getting into your gig. If you get one then you should give it your best so that you will end up having a satisfied customer leaving a rate that you could show.

Make Money On Fiverr

However, if you haven’t gone that far yet then be sure that you will give your gig the attention it will need.

To be sure that your gig will turn out into a hit then be sure that you offer what people need. You have to hit buyers with their need. Your gig should be something they need and not just want. You need to know the demand of the consumers in the market to get your head on top of the game.

For you to learn what people need in Fiverr, you need to go to and browse their home page. On the right hand corner, you will see “Request Gig”. These are the list of people looking for several services by which they are willing to pay for $5.

how to start with fiverr

How To Start With Fiverr Without Pouring Too Much Effort

You should take your time looking onto that list and try to know which demand you can fit in.

When you are able to choose a gig then you can respond with that need.

Few of the many services offered in Fiverr are writing.

If you really have the talent in putting up words to create a wonderful sentence then there will be demands waiting for you ahead.

Writing needs would vary from articles, blogs and many other form of writing.

Another possible gig would be photograph modifying.

Despite being that technology lover, there are still people who love gadgets so much yet they don’t know how to really make use of it. They don’t really know how to do the technical part such as editing of the not so good captures. That is the reason why they will need someone who could do this for them.

They will not mind at all paying such amount just to be sure that they get what they need. Try to think about it, all you need to do is to resize, get rid of those red-eye and other small stuffs like that.

Well, if you would really think about it, it is actually that easy that you can’t imagine people paying you to do this for them but they really would.

However, there could be gigs that look hard to deal with but in general it is manageable. The thing is there is money on Fiverr, it only requires you to act and make it work then you will be generating the income that you have always wished for.


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