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When you are thinking of some sweet things to say to your boyfriend, remember too that it is not just about what you say but how you say it.

Even some simple thing said during the day can carry a lot of weight if it is said in a soft, loving way.

Something as simple as “have a good day” can really carry a lot of extra meaning if you say it with all the love you feel for him.

One thing to keep in mind is that telling him you love him every day, several times a day, is great.

We all love to hear those words from the people we love. But, be careful, sometimes it is said so much it tends to lose some of its strength.

I am not saying you should stop telling him you love him, but just keep in mind that repetition can take away some of the depth of feeling behind the words.

So, to spice things up there are other sweet things to say to your boyfriend that will let him know he is loved. Instead of a casual “I love you” as he leaves for work, why not try to grab his face, give him a big kiss, look him in the eyes and tell him those words?

As you can see, the words are the same but the impact will be much bigger. Instead of just saying it almost as if you would say “goodbye” when you hang up the phone, you are now upping the intensity and giving him your full, undivided attention when you say those words.

That will have a greater impact, don’t you think?

One thing I read about which I thought was very sweet was to thank his mom for having him. I read about a woman who actually sent thank you cards to her mother in law on her husband’s birthday.

I know this is not telling him directly but it would sure have a big impact not only on your boyfriend but on his mother as well. Think of how touching that is and how touched both your guy and his mom would feel if you took the time to do something like that.

And, one last word on the sweet talk; it is not just about saying I love you, it is about showing respect and consideration at all times.

I have seen couples who rarely say “please” or “thank you” to each other and I think that is a mistake. If a stranger did something for you would you thank them? Even something as simple as holding a door for you?

Sweet things to say to your Boyfriend


If you would thank a complete stranger for some little kindness why in the world wouldn’t you say thank you to your guy when he does something for you?

It is about showing respect and genuine appreciation when someone takes the time to do something for you, even if it is just something small.

There are many sweet things to say to your boyfriend, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that it is more about how you say it and when you say it than the actual words.

A sincere “thank you” for some small kindness can often carry more weight than an “I love you” said casually over your shoulder as you leave the house for the day.


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